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about us

We started Sparrods & Co with a simple mission: to produce premium, handcrafted leather shoes made by highly skilled artisans, with the highest quality materials sourced the from finest tanneries in Europe, sold directly to our customers worldwide at accessible prices, without unnecessary retail markup.

We are looking for partners who are savvy online and deliver outstanding results to earn money while doing what they know best.

  • Earn up 10% commission on every product sale
  • Average purchase price of $250
  • High-quality products
  • Very low product return rate.
  • No targets: work at your own pace
  • 30-day cookie period
  • Transparency and continuous 24/7 support

  • Joining is FREE.
  • Your application will be assessed, and you will be notified when successful or unsuccessful. We reserve the right to decline any application.
  • Promote our products on your blog, website, social media channels, and other channels to your large audience.
  • The potential customer reaches our online store through affiliate links or coupon code
  • The potential customer purchases product.
  • We will notify you immediately a product is purchased through your link so that you can track progress.
  • If the product is not cancelled or returned within 30 days, your money will be paid to your designated account via PayPal.

Important: Sparrods Affiliates are not permitted to bid on the brand term Sparrods or any of its variations or misspellings that include .com, .co, .co, .co.uk, .com.au . Any breach will result in immediate termination


We are looking for partners who are savvy online and delivering outstanding results. Partner with us to earn money online while doing what you love best. Drop us a message if you have questions info@sparrods.com.