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Sparrods & Co is an Australian men's footwear brand with ABN 2461812160.

At Sparrods & Co, we are passionate about creating leather shoes you can wear with pride and in comfort. We know how hard it is to find shoes that are durable, built to last the test of time and can match any outfit and occasion. This is why we started Sparrods & Co, to produce handcrafted leather shoes, made by highly skilled Portuguese artisans, with finest materials sourced from Europe's best tanneries.

Our shoes are not just products, they are pieces of art that reflect excellent craftmanship and quality. We want you to enjoy them for years to come, and we guarantee you will love them. Our shoes are timeless designs and easily recrafted.

At Sparrods, we believe in

  • products which are built to last the test of time
  • accessible prices without compromising on quality and craftmanship
  • providing excellent customer services to all irrespective of geographical location
  • limited edition products, instead of mass production
  • ethical manufacturing in a healthy and safe working environment
  • no sweatshops or forced labor
  • preserving the environment for the next generation

In every country where our products are made, we ensure all our workshops foster great working conditions for all stakeholders across the supply chain.

Country of Origin

Our shoes are beautifully designed and handcrafted in Portugal by artisans with many years of experience in shoe making. We use traditional shoe making processes and technology to ensure excellent quality, fit, and craftsmanship.

The materials for our products are sourced from certified European tanneries in Germany, Italy, and France); then they are handcrafted,and hand burnished in Porto, Portugal. We are always available to answer questions about our shoe manufacturing processes. Please email us info@sparrods.com.

Our shoes are produced by a small, family-run workshop in Porto, Portugal that has been making top-quality shoes for decades. The factory is well known for producing for some of the biggest brands in the world.  Portugal is known to be at the forefront of the luxury shoe market, with decades of experience in the craft. 

Pricing & Discount

We operate a lean, direct-to-consumer business model by selling products directly to customers worldwide without retail mark-up. Our products are sold at a significant discount without compromising on premium leather, craftsmanship, or quality. We some times run discounts on special occasions.


Our Portuguese workshop source our leather materials from Tannery Du Puy (France), Weinheimer Tannery (Germany)

Leather is sourced from many animals, from cow, calf, buffalo, sheep, goat, and pig to deer, cordovan (horse), camel, kangaroo, crocodile, alligator, snake, and many others. All these leathers have different compositions and are used for different purposes. We use full-grain, calfskin leather (box calf) for our products because of its suppleness, softness, and finer grain, as well as durability and the ability to age beautifully with time (patina).

Box calfskin leather is the leather used by most luxury brands for high-end leather shoes and accessories.Box calfskin leather ages beautifully with time and develops a patina.

Calfskin leather is made from the hide of a baby cow. Full grain calfskin leather is the most durable and strongest part of the hide and has not been sanded or buffed, displaying its natural characteristics. One of the unique characteristics of full grain calfskin leather is its ability to age beautifully with time. The leather comes in different grades and thickness; we use premium calfskin leather for all our products. Full grain calfskin leather is used by luxury brands for very high quality shoes and accessories.

Crust leather is a natural leather from the calf that has undergone light processing in the tannery but not dyed with any chemicals. Shoe brands are opting for crust calfskin leather because it can be hand-burnished to create beautiful patinas, which are sought after by the tasteful buyer. When crust calfskin leather is used in shoes, considerable time is required to ensure uniformity of colour on the shoes. Crust calfskin leather creases easily, and the leather loses its beauty over time.

Top-grain calfskin leather has been thoroughly processed in the tannery through sanding, buffing, and eliminating blemishes. Top-grain calfskin leather is distinguished from box calfskin leather through an appearance so smooth it approximates plastic. 

Genuine leather, also known as bonded leather, is processed from small pieces of leather that have been glued and bonded together. Genuine leather is very cheap to produce and used by the majority of brands in producing mid- to low-quality leather shoes and accessories.

Suede leather is a split leather which is produced from the underside of the calfskin. Suede is more supple than box calf leather. Waterproof suede is resilient and soft with a luxurious feeling, and it has been conditioned and treated to withstand weather conditions and oil. The conditioning ensures the colour and smoothness of the leather is maintained throughout the shoe’s life if properly cared for.  Suede requires regular brushing with a Ralyn brass suede brush.

Nubuck comes from the top grain of the cow hide that has been sanded and buffed with all the natural characteristics of the hide removed. It has the look and feel of a suede, however, they are more durable polyurethane (PU) leather which has been bonded with glue. Shoes produced using nubuck leather tends to get dirty very quickly and require special care to maintain the original colour.

Sole Material

Vegetable tanned is the oldest and ancient method of turning natural hides into leather without using chemicals. It’s uses only oak bark and stream water to create a strong, abrasion resistant, thicker leather that looks great and elegant. We use vegetable tanned leather sole for most of our dress shoes and boot.

Then Dainite rubber sole is known for its studded pattern.  Pioneered by Harboro Rubber Company in 1910, Dainite has been used by many shoe brands around the world. Dainite rubber soles are popular because they’re both comfortable and durable, and they withstand most harsh weather conditions. They provide maximum traction and can be dressed up or down. Dainite soles can also easily be repaired or re-soled by an experienced cobbler. We use Dainite rubber sole for our mens Chelsea Boots and Brogue Boots.

We use vulcanised rubber sole for our sneakers due to its elasticity, flexibility, comfortability, excellent abrasion resistant and waterproof properties.

Crepe is a natural material that is made from latex rubber. We use crepe rubber sole for some of our sneakers due to its lightweight, sturdy and flexibility.


Our shoes are beautifully designed and ethically handcrafted by artisans with many years of experience in traditional shoe making methods. We leverage traditional shoe making processes and technology to ensure unparalleled quality, fit, and craftsmanship.

Our shoes start with pattern design and move through pattern cutting, clicking, to lasting and closing.  Soles are either Blake Rapid Stitchedor Goodyear Welted Construction. All our shoes are handcrafted, come in limited editions, and are not mass produced.  We ensure every small detail is carefully thought through to ensure maximum satisfaction from our customers.

Goodyear welted construction is the oldest method of shoe making. The out sole is attached to the welt with stitching. They are easily re-soled by an experienced cobbler.

Ina Blake-stitched shoe, the upper calfskin leather is sewn directly to the out sole leather with strong stitching. This makes the shoes more sleek, durable, and comfortable. Blake-stitched shoes can be re-soled and repaired by an experienced cobbler.

Blake rapid stitching uses a combination of Goodyear welting and Blake stitching.  With this method, the upper leather is stitched directly to the midsole, while the outsole is stitched to the midsole with strong stitching, thus making the shoes durable, and water-resistant. We use blake rapid stitched construction for our shoes and boots because they can easily be resoled by an experienced Cobbler.

Cup soles are produced from a mouldable rubber. The cup sole (rubber)is stitched to the leather upper with a sidewall stitcher machine.  It is predominately used for producing high-end sneakers and makes our sneakers light, sleek, and flexible.  At Sparrods we use high quality natural rubber to ensure a long life.

Cemented construction is the cheapest and fastest method to attach the upper to the sole.  Used by most brands,the upper leather is glued to the out sole. Shoes produced using cemented construction cannot be re-soled or repaired.


All products are priced in Australian Dollar (AUD); however, processing of international orders will be in USD by taking into consideration the current exchange rate. Please be aware of exchange rate flotation since we can’t control it.

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We warrant all products to be free from manufacturing defects and exhibiting excellent craftmanship and high quality to the satisfaction of our customers. We are bound in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law.

We are here because of our customers and our main goal is to ensure their ultimate satisfaction when they purchase our products. We offer 30-day returns upon receiptof your product. Please note, returns will be accepted only:

  • if the product has not been worn and is in its original packaging with all associated labels, dust bag and tissue paper. Since we use leather soles in most of our shoes, returns will not be accepted if the soles have been worn and used on hard surfaces.
  • if the product has factory manufacturing defect or fault.

To return a product, kindly send us an email at info@sparrods.com with your receipt number to discuss your returns. You will be issued with a case number to be used for all correspondence. We endeavor to respond to emails within 3 hours.Alternatively, you can reach us on our social media handles.

Promo Code

We are direct to consumer business selling our product at a significant discount to major brands by eliminating the middlemen. We hardly run sales or promotions. In the event we run any sales or promotions, the following terms and conditions apply

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Please note

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